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Artica is a Linux Business Server that can act as a Mail Gateway, a messaging server , File Server, Proxy server, VPN server (including Kaspersky and Zarafa products.

All network services are based on the same interface and fully integrated, allowing you to manage your network easily as one single unit! Artica is free for download.

If you are interested in commercial support, software and security updates, please refer to Artica Technology : http://www.artica-technology.com/index.php/artica-technology?Itemid=68


 Artica Meta, the Global Management console

Artica Meta, is the Global Management console that handle multiple Artica servers From a single point.

You can use the Artica Meta on the clould in order to manage your artica servers from Internet or get the source code in order to install Artica Meta in your network.

Try Artica Meta Demo


user : guest@guest.com

Password : guest

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